Interview: Dan Butchko on PlayNYC

Interview: Dan Butchko on PlayNYC

In just three weeks, we’ll be headed to Play NYC, a dedicated games convention hosted by Playcrafting taking place on August 19th and 20th in Manhattans Terminal 5.

Play NYC will feature over 100 games across 3 floors and Playcrafting will be hosting an exclusive set of talks and panels.

It’s been described as “PAX meets GDC with a New York spin” and we can’t wait.

We recently had the chance to interview Dan Butchko, CEO and Founder of Playcrafting, about the event. We talk about the goals of Play NYC, the challenges that Playcrafting have had to deal with, and a bit of a peak at what games will be at the convention!



More info on Play NYC can be found at the event website.

As we said before, we will be at Play NYC and will have a ton of content coming of out of it, so make sure to check back with IndieHangover!

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