Interview: Chuck Carter of Eagre Games

Interview: Chuck Carter of Eagre Games

We recently had the opportunity to interview Chuck Carter, founder of Eager Games and the creative director behind ZED. You might not immediately recognize Chuck’s name, but you’ll know the games he’s worked on in the past: Chuck was one of the original creative minds behind Myst,  and has worked on  Command and Conquer,  the Red Alert franchise, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. His portfolio isn’t only limited to video games though, and he has designed environments and art assets for Babylon 5, the BBC, National Geographic, the US Dept.of Defense, and NASA.

And now Chuck is an Indie Game Developer who has set up shop in Central Maine. It’s a change of direction that I was sure had a story behind.  I was happy to hear that story, as well as many others, in the following video interview we recently did with Chuck:

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Our thanks to Chuck for sharing his story with us and answering our question, and to Eagre Games for letting us steal him away from ZED development for a half hour.

ZED has 9 days remaining in its funding period, and has raised $34,717of its $48,000 goal. If you’d like to know our thoughts on ZED, check out our Kickstarter Watch, and if you want to know more or back the project, head to the Kickstarter Page.


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