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We’ve followed 20XX since before it was even 20XX; during one of the first PAX East we attended in 2014, we saw the pre-Kickstarter 20XX, then known as Echoes of Eridu. It was a fantastic game, that captured my attention due to the clear passion behind it, and what I felt was an incredibly pure desire on the part of the developers to create a game that was a proper legacy to their love of Mega Man. It’s been a long road, and the game has changed massively from where it began, but 20XX is now quickly approaching launch.

Chris King is the Lead Developer of 20XX, and the Founder of Batterystaple Games, and agreed to talk to us about how it feels to look back at the development of 20XX from near-launch. We also chatted about what’s left to do before launch, what’s in store for the future, and his experience as an Indie Developer:



Many thanks to Chris for taking the time to catch us up on 20XX’s. It’s fantastic to see a game that we covered in our own infancy grow, change, develop and finally approach launch.

20XX is currently available on Steam Early Access.

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