Interview: Caroline Murphy and Veronica Keddy of BFIG

Interview: Caroline Murphy and Veronica Keddy of BFIG

The 2016 Boston Festival of Independent Games is fast approaching, taking place this Saturday at the MIT Campus in Cambridge Massachusetts, and with that in mind, we though it might be a nice change of pace to find out what goes on behind the scenes of an independent convention for independent game developers.

For this week’s Indie Dev Interview, we talked with Caroline Murphy and Veronica Keddy, two of the volunteer coordinators of the Boston FIG to talk about their roles, how they become involved, and also what they’ve seen works and doesn’t work for those showing at their event. We also picked their brains to find out which indie games on display they’re most excited to see in action.



Our thanks to Caroline and Veronica for taking the time to talk with us before the festival get underway and share a little insight.

The Boston Festival of Indie Games will be taking place this Saturday, at the MIT Johnson Athletic Center from 10 AM to 8pm.

IndieHangover will be there, and be sure to check back with us for highlights of all the best games we find!

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