Interview: Bill Gardner of The Deep End Games

Interview: Bill Gardner of The Deep End Games

It’s always inspiring to me when I see an indie games take on a hurdle that most triple A studios would run from.  There is a certain necessity of risk in the indie sphere to stand out, but making a video game where the main character is blind is a pretty bold choice. I mean, video. From the Latin for “I see”. It may seem crazy, but the results are fantastic.

Perception is not only trying to do this, but they’re succeeding at creating a narrative horror game that tackles the complex mechanics of echolocation, and providing the player with a glimpse into a different perspective of the world.  A true standout at this year’s Boston Festival of Indie Games, Perception won the Figgie for both the Digital Best in Show and Digital Worldbuilding and Narrative.

Following this successful showing at the Boston Festival of Indie Games, we had a chance to talk with Bill Gardner, the Founder of The Deep End Games and Creative Director of Perception. We talked about where the foundational ideas and mechanics of Perception came from, the design challenges behind creating a world without sight, horror, and his road to Independent Game Development.



Our thanks to Bill for taking the time to talk with us, and widen our understanding of the real world basis of Perception, and the goals of The Deep End Games.

You can find out more about Perception here, and make sure to check back in with IndieHangover, as we’ll be sure to update you with major updates and news surrounding the game.

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