Interview: Andy Wallace and Jane Friedhoff

Interview: Andy Wallace and Jane Friedhoff

I’d walked the first floor of Play NYC, explored the chaotic, jam-packed second floor, and I was on my way to floor 3. What I was first greeted by was a wide open space with a bunch of people holding a 2″ X 4″ piece of lumber, and staring at a wall.

This was Salmon Roll, an installation Indie Game that took inspiration from the old midway Ice Cold Beer (similarly to TumbleSeed), and it was unlike anything I’d ever seen. People were engaged, high-fiving, and the concept of the game was instantaneously apparent.

Wanting to know more, I reached out to developers Andy Wallace and Jane Friedhoff, both of Death By Audio Arcade, about the topic of installation games. I was interested in knowing what drew them to being interested in this particular sub-genre of indie games, wanted to know more about the story behind Salmon Roll, and the mission of Death By Audio Arcade.



Our thanks to both Andy and Jane for taking the time to talk with us and share their story and experiences.

You can find more of Andy’s work here, and more of Jane’s work here.

If you want to learn more about Death By Audio Arcade, head to their site here.

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