Interview: Adam Frye & Chris Perry of Midnight Mastodons

Interview: Adam Frye & Chris Perry of Midnight Mastodons

Nostalgia is a powerful force in game development. The stories of the games that inspired people to start making games we’ve heard when talking to independent game developers are inspiring, hilarious and

Rocket Core, currently on Steam Greenlight, is absolutely dripping in nostalgia for the golden age NES games. It’s a bright and colorful arena platformer, with a healthy helping of puzzle mechanics, that sees you jet-packing around the level, collecting treasures and trying to avoid being lasered, buzzsawed, or burnt to death.

You know, typical fun times.

We had the chance to talk with Adam Frye and Chris Perry of Midnight Mastodons, the two guys behind Rocket Core. We asked them about what drove them to make such a nostalgic game, the challenges they faced, and what got them into indie game development in the first place.



Our thanks to Adam and Chris for talking with us and sharing their story!

If Rocket Core has peaked your interest, you can check out a free public beta available now on It really does feel like a blast from the past.

Rocket Core is currently looking for votes on Steam Greenlight, so if you’d like to see this game in your Steam Library in the future, give them a vote here!



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