IndieHangover @ PAXEast2014

IndieHangover @ PAXEast2014

IndieHangover will be in Boston for the next 4 days for PAXEast 2014. We’ve got over 25 interviews scheduled with tons of indie devs, and just enough coffee and alcohol to keep us going.

Seven and I will be throwing up interviews, previews, and sneak peeks on the site as much as we can, but I’ll put together a breakdown of everything we get on this post, as a sort of PAXEast2014 Table of Contents. So, check back here often to see everything we’ve put together!

Follow us on Twitter for our thoughts from the convention floor! @IndieHangover, @xSeven and @JMWormwood.


Friday April 11th

  • Asteroid Base – Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime
  • Battery Staple Games – Echoes of Eridu
  • Hand of Fate by Defiant Development
  • Fatecraft – Therian Saga
  • Thoughtshelter Games – A Druids Duel
  • Dejobaan Games
  • Xaviant – Lichdom: Battlemage
  • Theory Georgiou – Fire with Fire
  • Phosfiend Systems – FRACT OSC
  • Wadjet Eye Games – Blackwell Epiphany

Saturday April 12th

  • Red Hook Games – Darkest Dungeon
  • Endless Legend – Amplitude Games
  • Knight Strike – PHL Collective
  • 4gency
  • Midnight City
  • Third Eye Crime – Moonshot
  • Mushroom 11 –  Untame
  • Rack N Ruin – Lifespark


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