IndieHangover at PAX East 2017

IndieHangover at PAX East 2017

In one weeks time, we’ll be hitting to floor at PAXEast 2017! We wanted to give our readers a quick preview of what we’ll be covering this year, who we’ll be seeing, and what games we’ll be getting to preview.

We’ll be seeing a whole lot of new games, but also checking in with some games we’ve covered in the past, and seeing what their developers are planning next.

As is the nature with a convention like this, this is all subject to change, but we’ll be updating this article both before, during and after the convention with additional information, finds, and our coverage.

Want us to check out something specific? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below. We’ll be keeping an eye on those places all weekend.



PreGamers Hosted by Playcrafting
6:00-11:00 PM, Laugh Boston

Linelight – by Brett Taylor   —–> 5 Fantastic Indie Puzzle Games from PAX East 2017
AVARIAvs – Juncture Media ——> PAX Indie Spotlight


For the KingIronOak Games   —–>  PAX Indie Spotlight
West of Loathing Asymmetric Publications ————> PAX Indie Spotlight
Refactor NextGen Pants —–> 5 Fantastic Indie Puzzle Games from PAX East 2017
The FrostruneGrimnir       ——> PAX Indie Spotlight
Nidhogg II – Mark Essen
Dead CellsMotion Twin   ——-> PAX Indie Spotlight
RIOT – Civil UnrestMerge Games
Semblance Nyamakop  —–> 5 Fantastic Indie Puzzle Games from PAX East 2017
Antihero – Tim Conkling
Sundown Mild Beast Games
Like a BossFire Horse Games
The Garden’s Between Voxel Agents —-> PAX Indie Spotlight
Hand of Fate 2Defiant Development —-> PAX Indie Spotlight
So Many Games – tinyBuild

Made in MA Party
6:00 PM to 10:30 PM, MassDigi



INVERSUSHypersect Games
Absolver – Sloclap
Ape OutGabe Cuzzillo
SunderedThunderLotus Games
Tooth & TailPocketwatch Games
Aftercharge – Chainsawesome Games  —-> PAX Indie Spotlight
The MetronomiconAkupara Games   —–> PAX Indie Spotlight
KLANG Tinimations
Asura Ogre Head Studios ———> PAX Indie Spotlight
Abi Lilith Games    —–> PAX Indie Spotlight
Hacktag – Piece of Cake Studios ———–> PAX Indie Spotlight
Starfighter Inc. – Impeller Studios ————> Kickstarter Watch

AppJunkies Panel at 5pm in  Condor Theater



Yama YamaLumenox Games
Pathologic Ice Pick Lodge —> PAX Indie Spotlight
20XXBatteryStaple Games
MotherGunShip – Terrible Posture Games ———–> PAX Indie Spotlight
Xenno the Rogue – Jaime Holub ———-> PAX Indie Spotlight
Stone Story –  ———> PAX Indie Spotlight
The Low Road-  ————> PAX Indie Spotlight
Semispheres – Vivid Helix  —–> 5 Fantastic Indie Puzzle Games from PAX East 2017
Tumbleseed Tumbleseed Games  —-> PAX  Indie Spotlight


and whatever else we can squeeze in!

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