IndieCade Nominees Announced

IndieCade Nominees Announced

The official nominees for the 2018 IndieCade festival have been announced.

IndieCade, which will be hosted on October 12 and 13 in Santa Monica, is marking it’s 11th year going, crossing over that decade line, and will be showcasing more than 100 of the newest emerging titles during 2-day event, along side the award nominees.

And the nominees are…

IndieCade 2018 Festival Nominees

A Memoir Blue by: Kevin Zeng & Shelley Chen
Accounting+ by: Crows Crows Crows
Anyball by: Hang Ruan, Laurenz Riklin & Paolo Salcedo
ASTA GRANDE by: Pietro Righi Riva
Blindfold by: Tom Ackerman
Bluebeard’s Bride by: Magpie Games
Drawkanoid by: QCF Design
Escape from Godot by: Mister and Mischief
Exposure by: The Sheep’s Meow
Fire Escape by: iNK Stories
Flight Simulator by: Hosni Auji
Forgotton Anne by: ThroughLine Games
Guildlings by: Sirvo Studios
IO Interloper by: DANG!
Just Shapes & Beats by: Berzerk Studio
Kleptocrat by: The Mintz Group, in conjunction with BumbleBear Games
Laser Mazer by: Mighty Coconut
Little Bug by: Buddy System
LossWords by: Local No. 12
Macdows by: Yunus Ayyildiz & Kubra Sezer Ayyildiz
Ministry of Broadcast by: Petr Skornok, Petr Melicherik, Dusan Cezek & Sanja Cezek
Mulaka by: Lienzo
Nishan Shaman by: NEXT Studio
Octopad by: Patrick LeMIeux
One Hand Clapping by: One Hand Clapping Team
Pixel Ripped 1989 by: Pixel Ripped Inc. Core Team
Puppet Pandemonium by: Terence Tolman, Nicky Breshon, Dustin Harris, Simon Manning & Kathleen Kamali
 SPY EYE by: The Marino Family
Stress Express by Pornsima Duangratana
Tale of Ord by: Published by PostCurious & Designed by Rita Orlov
Tendar by: Tender Claws
The Distance by: Team The Distance
The Game by: Angela Washko (artist & designer) & Xiu Xiu (music)
The Klaxo Radio Hour by: Haunted Ephemera
Tiny Trees by: Michael Perce & Joanna Yu
What’s The Golf by: Triband


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