Indie Spotlight: The Plan By Krillbite Studio

Indie Spotlight: The Plan By Krillbite Studio
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It is easy to be mesmerized by the vast landscapes and break neck action in today’s big title games.  But, that is not the only type of game available.  There are games made by small studios or individuals that strive to tell short stories in lush and beautiful worlds.

These indie games can showcase the artistry of the developer.  Forced by small budgets and limited resources, they focus on bringing simple and elegant storytelling.  Sometimes the stories are straight forward, sometimes they are subtle and more about personal exploration.

The Plan which was recently released by Krillbite Studio is an example of the later.  It is described by the developers as a side project; a short, experimental, self-discovery game. The Plan is a wonderfully, quiet game; nearly meditative.  At times, I found myself curiously exploring the environment and wondering the game’s purpose.  Other times, I was surprised and amused by what was happening.

You can download The Plan for free at their website.  We will also be watching Krillbite Studio’s next project, Among The Sheep, with much anticipation. 

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