Indie Spotlight: Memory Of A Broken Dimension By XRA

Indie Spotlight: Memory Of A Broken Dimension By XRA
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The highly experimental and potentially mind-melting exploration/reality game, aptly called Memory of a Broken Dimension, has been a rumor, teaser and now, is possibly one of the most exciting (sort of) beta  indies on the scene.  X R A has finally released a little demo, that was first seen at Prince of Arcade in November, of this highly anticipated title to the world.

mobd26MOABD is inspired by older computer hardware and programming. A background in DOS isn’t necessary for the experience, but it probably wouldn’t hurt. There is already walkthroughs hitting the internet to help you get into the game, but I recommend you give yourself a few minutes with the intro before searching out help.

Lines of code race down your screen and you are left with a command line waiting your input. The screen stutters and scrambles characters as you stare blankly, pondering your next move. You are the user, the hacker, the next move is yours to figure out. There is a zen-like feeling while you stare at the screen. The image of a green glow from old CRTs and humming of single fluorescence lights in dark basements begin to resurface in my brain.

As you begin to crack the code (via the tools of the internet or by stubborn guessing), you connect with arrays of satellites and files begin to download. Eventually, access is granted to an obscure computer system and you enter a world of distortions and pixels. It is fractured, beautiful and terrifying.


This is a wonderful, take the red pill type, game. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to figure out on your own, but there is no reason to hurry. Explore it or experience it, MOABD is an alternate reality or a FPS or a hacker sim; there is a lot for the gamer to draw from during the trip.  This mind-bend is not for the faint of heart, but it’s not to be missed.

You can use the links to download the game.

For Windows:

For Mac:

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