The Indie RPG Bundle Offers Games, Helps Kids.

The Indie RPG Bundle Offers Games, Helps Kids.

Bundle in A Box is giving you another means to expand your gaming library, help the world, and support indie developers at the same time. The Indie RPG Bundle  is packed full of indie role-playing games. Beating the average pay-what-you-want price of $5.01 (at time of writing) will get you 13 games:

  • Unemployment Quest
  • The Siege of the Necromancer
  • Hack, Slash,Loot
  • Styrateg
  • Inaria
  • Dungeon Fray
  • Enpires & Dungeons 2
  • Frayed Knights
  • COC: The Wasted Land
  • The Wizard from Tarnath Tor
  • Northmark: Hour of the Wolf
  • The Wizard’s Lair
  • Telepath RPG: Servant of God

However, it doesn’t stop there. There are an additional 8 games that could be unlocked if enough people purchase the bundle. What will all this money be going towards? The Indie RPG Bundle will be putting 5% of all profits towards the Greek Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family which is a “recognized, non-profit and non-governmental organisation operating under private law, and was established in order to diagnose and treat children and adolescents with autism or psychosis, while simultaneously supporting their families.”

As if this wasn’t enough, for every 100 bundles sold (almost 1000 bundles have been sold at time of writing), Bundle In A Box will pitch $15 into a Indie Dev Grant:

“No strings will be attached by either Bundle in a Box or Kyttaro Games. The grant can be used in any way the developer that earns it sees fit. The developer will in no way be obliged to co-operate with Kyttaro Games or Bundle in a Box. Developers that have already taken part in one of our bundles or are willing to do so in the future are also eligible for the grant.”

The inevitable comparison to the Humble Indie Bundle will no doubt  jump into your brain, but I ask your this: Does it matter how many games you have, how many children you help, or how many indie developers you feed? No, it does not. If you love gaming, Indies and children (seriously: Think of the Children!), this is your direct means to show it. Bundle in a Box; Keep doing the good work!

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