Indie MEGABOOTH PAX East Submissions Deadline Nov 20th


Just a quick reminder that the deadline to submit your game for a chance to be included in the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East 2015 in Boston ends THIS Thursday, November 20th. If you’re looking to have your labor of love (or immense frustration) on display at the convention, swing by the Indie MEGABOOTH submission page to get the process rolling. There’s a few changes to the submission project this year as the team requires a working build of your game, a three-minute gameplay video (not a fancy dubstep trailer), and a fee to review your application (helps sort out all the Flappy Bird clones).

Here’s a quick criteria overview for developers taken from their Submission FAQ:

Things We’re Looking For

• We don’t require any specific materials beyond:

  • Basic game/company information
  • Build of your game (Note: not required for tabletop submissions)
  • Three-minute gameplay video. This must be three minutes of raw video, and not an edited trailer.

• You should aim to provide as much information as you have available. Do you have a trailer, demo, or screenshots? Will you have a playable demo by PAX? If not, do you show the capability for developing something playable by then? Evidence for this could be previously released games, ambitious and/or responsive team members, a successful Kickstarter campaign, etc.

• Does the game present a unique, interesting, or thoughtful design or mechanic? Is the aesthetic style compelling? Does the game address a social issue or offer a unique perspective or philosophy on game design? Does your game represent a larger genre in a compelling way, or an under-represented genre?

• Does the team/individual or company provide value to the indie community? Is the game or developer able to contribute positively to the indie community?

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