How Pixelscopic Dumped The Game Design Doc Process

How Pixelscopic Dumped The Game Design Doc Process

Maintaining a massive game design document is one of the more tedious and least rewarding tasks in game making. In a recent blog post, Ryan Baker of PIxelscopic (DELVER’S DROP) details how his team shed documentation oppression in favor of programmer friendly spreadsheets via Google Docs.

Why spend all of a designers’ time writing documents that people have to then spend time reading, digesting, and then implementing, when the designer could simply wear a scripter hat and at least add new features to the structure through which the data is read into the game?

The philosophy makes sense in Pixelscopic’s world as their heavy dependence upon character stats and abilities makes perfect spreadsheet fodder. As an added bonus, the team has worked the spreadsheet into their coding process with CSV database exports going straight from the collaborative “design doc” into the game.

Find out more around why Pixelscopic’s choice to ditch a massive game doc and live in a world of spreadsheets via Ryan’s original blog post.

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