Heliophobia Launches Oct. 18

Heliophobia Launches Oct. 18

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Heliophobia, Glass Knuckle Game’s upcoming first-person horror/mystery adventure, for quite some time. I’ve been a huge fan of Glass Knuckle Games previous work, and the very different direction of a surreal, non-linear narrative horror game is intriguing and exciting.

Well, I don’t have to wait much longer: Heliophobia is set to release on Thursday, October 18th


Heliophobia builds an oppressive, unsettling atmosphere instead of relying on numerous outright jump scares. Gameplay is presented through a wide variety of segments including: monster/prey stealth sections, puzzle-solving, exploration, and heaps of distorted surrealistic imagery. It features a female protagonist with a fully voice-acted script.

You can expect our review of Heliophobia on October 17th, but if your appetite has not yet been sated, and you want to know more, than check out our alpha gameplay of an early version of Heliophobia

…or check out our interview with Dave and Henry of Glass Knuckle Games where we go into a bit more depth about the game’s design philosophy and their background as developers.

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