GUNS OF ICARUS meets Kickstarter Goal

GUNS OF ICARUS meets Kickstarter Goal
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 The Kickstarter for Guns of Icarus has soared to success, reaching its goal of $100,000 last week. This funding will help  to begin the promised Adventure Mode, which will add a single player and co-op element to the Airship Combat Simulator, which has so far been all about PvP. 


As detailed in a recent release, the AI Director is now a sure bet, but still has at least two stretch goal to work towards:

Adventure Mode has three fundamental pillars, each with its own funding target and each building on the previous goals. These are:

· AI Director (Funded!): At the heart of a good PvE experience is a smart, responsive AI that can go toe-to-toe with players and scale up or down on the fly to keep the experience challenging and entertaining. This pillar will enable the creation of co-op and solo missions to complement competitive PvP.

· Econo-Political System: Adventure mode will add a world map of towns and trade routes, with six player factions and a fully dynamic resource economy. Missions are generated dynamically to help or hinder the towns and the factions that control them, depending on their circumstances and needs. Completing missions earns status in certain quarters and notoriety in others, enabling players to rise in the ranks of their chosen faction, unlock new opportunities and perks, and exert an even greater influence over the world.
· World-Building Tools: A robust toolset is necessary to build an expansive world map with diverse and varied environments. This pillar involves the creation of new tools and processes to speed up the development of new maps and locales using a combination of procedural generation and manual composition. While the existing PvP maps have all been assembled painstakingly by hand, worldbuilding on the scale of Adventure Mode will require a whole new way of doing things.

I am ecstatic. Guns of Icarus may have a few rough edges, but it is an incredibly fun co-op game as it stands. Turning the frentic and choatic mechnics of airship combat into an element in a persistent world sounds like just the thing to draw me in even further. The world of Guns of Icarus has only been hinted at in breif paragraphs and phrases, so I’m particularly excited to see what kind of world is being built. 

 You can find more information about the Adventure Mode and Guns of Icarus on the Muse Website.

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  1. I also can’t wait til jun 2014 for adventure mode. Just discovered this game a few days ago and been playing way to much. I’m very impressed with the level of production and polish such a small studio is able to achieve. I have high hopes for the new expansion and that they keep making improvements on the current skirmish mode.

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