Guild Wars 2: Major Changes To Happen During Wintersday Event

According to Guild Wars 2 news source, GuildWarsInsider, ArenaNet has some pretty big changes in store for players its upcoming event, Wintersday. While some are basic exploit fixes, others are a lot more encompassing to the overall WvWvW gameplay experience. Here is a snippet of one such change.

Break Out Events are special WvW events that will happen when a team has lost control of all defensive structures, not counting supply camps. An NPC commander will appear in the team’s start area and an event will start that prompts players to gather around. Once enough players are in the commander’s presence he will summon his trusty dolyak to give all allies in the area full supply. He will then lead the charge to the nearby objective and give players protection and assist with building siege to assault the objective with. Those benefits, along with a defensive boon that he applies to all nearby allies, makes the attacking players a force to be reckoned with. Defenders will have their work cut out for them, as once the gate or wall piece is destroyed the commander will move to the tower lord inside and attack anyone in his path.

 Looks like ArenaNet is putting their full resources into making this upcoming content update a great addition for its loyal gamers. 

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