Going to PAX on a Budget

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Today, I managed to run into an excellent piece by Andrew Moor of Radial Game, thanks to a tweet by Christopher Floyd of the Indie MegaBooth:

This article, titled “So, you want to take your indie game to PAX on a budget?“, is an examination of just how much it costs to go to PAX for an indie dev, is a phenomenal resource. Not only does it neatly layout many of the resources available to indie devs, but it also does some excellent number crunching.

The Indie MegaBooth is your friend. Entry is open to just about anyone, and it nets you huge discounts in terms of collaborative purchasing power and donations from larger organizations. Here’s a great interview with Kelly, the MegaBooth organizer. I am so serious when I say I COULD NOT GO TO PAX if it were not for the hard work of Kelly organizing and setting up sponsors, donations, and dispensing helpful information out to all the participants.
Here’s a list of all the items I received, without any effort on my part, entirely thanks to the MegaBooth organizers:

  • $1,600: a 10×10 foot booth
  • $160: MegaBooth shared costs. This covered banners, a projector for our trailers, etc.
  • FREE: 4 exhibitor badges
  • FREE: 3 three-day badges (thanks to PAX and my enforcer!)
  • FREE: Carpet color upgrade (thanks, PAX!)
  • FREE: Backdrop color upgrade (thanks, PAX!)
  • FREE: 48″ TV (thanks, Intel!)
  • FREE: 8′ Stand for the TV (thanks, Intel!)
  • FREE: 2 keyboards, 2 mice, 2 headsets, and 2 xbox controllers (thanks, Mad Catz!) [They EVEN LET US KEEP THESE!]
  • FREE: 32″ Monitor (thanks, Intel!)
  • FREE: High end laptop to display a game on (thanks, Intel!) [Also had the option for a big gaming rig]
  • FREE: upgrade from 250W to 500W of power, just enough to power all of the above (thanks, PAX!)
  • FREE: All the cables, power bars, extension cords, and A/V hookups I needed. (Thanks, PAX/Intel!)
  • FREE: A table, two chairs, and a garbage can (standard booth package, included in price)
  • FREE: Booth help for wrangling crowds, running for water, food, etc (Huge thanks to the Enforcers and to the MegaBooth volunteers!)
  • FREE: Trailer editing, website presence, press releases, and marketing efforts for the megabooth in general.
  • It’s well worth a read, and certainly worth saving to your favorites bar.

It is well worth a full read, and certainly deserves a place on your favorites bar!

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