Goat Simulator goes MMO

Goat Simulator goes MMO

As if it couldn’t have gotten any weirder.

Surprise indie hit Goat Simulator is getting an expansion: Goat MMO Simulator. Clearly ripping on the likes of World of Warcraft it looks like it’ll be just as ridiculous as the original game. No, more ridiculous actually.



In a blog post that premiered today, the developers game us a brief rundown of the classes:

As you might have heard, Goat Simulator is receiving a new completely free expansion titled Goat MMO Simulator.

We’ve had a lot of questions about the different types of classes and what they do. Here’s a whole bunch of screenshots of the class selection screen, so you can read up before you jump into the game!

First off is the Tank, the obvious class for everyone who reads Nietzsche and plays quarterback on the school’s varsity team.

The Rouge is the stealthiest make-up artist in the world.

The Magician can perform all sorts of card tricks and sleight-of-hand illusions.

The Hunter is an obvious choice for all you people who insist on wearing lightweight hiking boots all year around what the hell is wrong with you people

Also, I’m going to have to explain the “no class” goat a bit. This wasn’t originally intended to be in the game, we just had a “neutral” goat that didn’t have any abilities during development, but were planning on removing it once the game was released. However, everyone keeps saying that Goat MMO Simulator has 6 classes and that one of them is “no class”, so it looks like we’re going to have to keep this goat in the game anyway. The text was placeholder too, but I suppose we’ll keep that as well. Enjoy the sixth class in Goat MMO Simulator!

I’m not sure how much more my head could be shaking, or how much more I could be laughing.

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