GO WATCH/PLAY: Noodle Arm Royale

GO WATCH/PLAY: Noodle Arm Royale

I’m going to get right to the point of things: Noodle Arm Royale is hilarious. It is insane, nonsensical, and potentially one-note, but it is the perfect game for a party. I’m not going to outright suggest that you combine it with fermented beverages or intoxicants, but I am going to say that it has the potential to cause black eyes and damages to furniture.

Created by PHL Collective,based out of Philadelphia, the game involves to Gentlemen dukeing it out on the top of a steam locomotive. This is achieved by having two players face of against each other in front of motion sensors and flailing their arms like a mad person. The scene can only be described as ridiculous, but its well worth looking a fool to experience the fun.

What’s perhaps most impressive about Noodle Arm Royale is that it was created in 2 days by the PHL Collective team.

Noodle Arm Royale was built in two days as part of a rapid prototype/internal game jam. The game was specifically built to sit in an art gallery space and be the most ridiculous and irreverent installation in the place. We’re happy to report our mission was successful and Noodle Arm Royale took home top prize that night.

Since then Noodle Arm Royale has been play tested and shown at events around Philadelphia to rave reviews! It’s even been in front of publishers and the crowd at PAX East! We’ve found that people like to slap each other and using the power of Kinect, they can fight with ludicrous characters standing on top of a speeding train. Yes, the fights take place on a speeding train.

The game has been receiving great praise as a party game, and is available to sale now from PHL Collective directly, and having seen the game in action myself at PAXEast, I can say that it would be well worth the time of your cadre of gamer friends!

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