Go Watch: Highlights from the 2013 Boston FIG

Go Watch: Highlights from the 2013 Boston FIG

Today, the Boston FIG put out a couple of great videos showcasing last years festival, as the 3rd Annual Boston FIG hoovers a scant 52 days away!

Last year’s event was HUGE compared to year one, and this fall, the 3rd Annual Boston Festival of Indie Games plans to make history with more exhibitors, speakers, games, and media than ever before! Before we roll out some exciting announcements about our lineup of talks and presentations, let’s look back at some of last year’s interesting and educational programming. 

These videos are well worth a watch, and show off the variety of people that attend the FIG, and the variety of experiences and opinions that are brought to this event. If they catch your interest, make sure to come back to IndieHangover on or around September 13th, as I’ll be there interviewing developers and writing about as many games as I can that may be the next thing you want to play!

Lindsay Grace, from American University’s Games Lab, talks about how “indies support each other” and that “coming to Boston FIG and supporting these sorts of activities is really essential to helping the world get new, interesting, and exciting games.”

Darren Korb, audio director at Supergiant Games, leads a music composition workshop at last year’s Boston FIG and composes a brand-new piece of music on the spot.

Dave Bisceglia, from Cambridge’s own The Tap Lab, discusses the studio’s focus on “real world games” and explains why Boston FIG is always “a blast.”

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