Go Watch: Game Jam Island

Go Watch: Game Jam Island

If you’re looking for a bit of Game Dev themed entertainment this Friday, you owe it to yourself to watch the first two episodes of “Game Jam Island” a one part documentary, one part ensemble comedy affair from Free Lives Studio, the team behind Broforce.


Nearly a year after releasing BROFORCE, follow the Free Lives studio in a documentary series chronicling their latest (stupidest?) antics. They’re moving the whole studio to a remote tropical island for 3 months, and inviting some of their international indie dev friends and heroes to come spend some time jamming with them. Will this be a huge waste of money? Or will they make some awesome games? Who knows at this point!

For one, if you’re feeling blue that Autumn has fallen, you’ll get to ooh and ah at the gorgeous tropical locales of Mauritius. Secondly, you’ll get to watch the continued exasperation of Shaz Greenwood, the producer at Free Lives, and apparent logistics lead on this documentary, who clearly has some reservation about the potential of the entire experience. Personally, I find this dynamic endlessly entertaining.

It’s a weird, over the top and fantastically funny look at the dynamics inside a, indie game studio. I’m not sure you can say it’s a typical example of a game jam, but it certainly made me laugh, so I thought it might tickle the funny bones of our readers.

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