Ghost of a Tale to Bring WIP Demo to GDC

Ghost of a Tale to Bring WIP Demo to GDC

Earlier today, news of Ghost of a Tale was released on the game’s website. Specifically, this news related to the games forthcoming appearance at Gamesom 2014, and mentioned that a demo will be available;.

Hello everyone! This is a quick update to let you guys know that Ghost of a Tale will be officially presented at Gamescom this August in Cologne (Germany). There will be a playable demo so please come by our booth and try the game for yourself!

We will of course announce more details as the date approaches. Just to be clear: the demo is going to be a work-in-progress but it should give a pretty good idea of the finished product.

I won’t hide from you that the amount of work to be done until then is absolutely staggering. It is going to be a race against time on so many levels for everyone involved in this adventure.

There was also an interesting bit of new revealed pertaining to the possibility of seeing Ghost of a Tale on a platform other than the PC;

Finally (and this is unrelated) I very recently received a package from Microsoft (thanks Alexis!) containing one of their Xbox One Developer Kits. Which is pretty neat as they are still fairly rare!

At the very least it means Microsoft is aware of Ghost of a Tale and interested in seeing it land on their new console. Which, again, is pretty cool for our very humble endeavor!

This is by no means a confirmation that the game will make it to the Xbox One of course (so many things could happen on the way). But it is a first step nevertheless and I hope you’ll agree that it is pretty exciting!

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