Ghost of A Tale Early Access Arrives Soon

Ghost of A Tale Early Access Arrives Soon

It may not be here just yet, but it sure is darn close: In an update published earlier today, Seith announced that the Early Access Version of Ghost of a Tale is going up on Steam, GOG and the game’s own homepage (via. Humble Widget). While you cannot purchase the game in Early Access just yet, backers of the game’s IndieGoGo Campaing should look forward to an email in the next 24 to 48 hours with their key.


Seith also went into detail about what the Early Access will contain, and why he is making the move to early access:

The early access represents roughly 25-30% of the game (at most). But by a lot of aspects it only shows a VERY LIMITED slice of what the final game will be. We removed some mechanics, enemies, and systems and walled off several locations linked to quests that are not yet available…

Successful games’ crowdfunding campaigns can reach a few hundred thousand dollars, sometimes even close to a million. The campaign for GoaT brought roughly $40K of effective budget.

As some of you know I’ve been working on Ghost of a Tale each and every day of my life for the last three years and I’ve paid myself $500 per month. The rest of the money went to buy hardware, licenses and of course to compensate my collaborators.

Note that I’m not complaining at all; no-one is forcing me to create Ghost of a Tale!

Now we could very well start a new crowdfunding campaign but it would require quite a lot of time and energy and it would push back the game by as much. I prefer to put that effort into development. And given the advanced state of Ghost of a Tale I think the early access route is the best for everyone.

That being said I totally respect players who would rather play the game when it’s finished and prefer to wait for the final version to be released.

If however you choose to buy the pre-release version, know that you are actually making the development of Ghost of a Tale possible. Plus you get a better price while the game is still in early access since the final version will likely be more expensive when it’s out.

All in all, a very reasonable stance and response to an all too common problem for Indie Developers.

The update also talks about the system requirements of the game, and the graphical updates that have been implemented over the past few years, which are really quite spectacular (see below), so we encourage you to read the entire post.



We wish Seith the best of luck with the final march towards Early Access and Launch, and cannot wait to finally get a taste of the world of Ghost of a Tale.

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