Ghost of a Tale Creeps Closer

Ghost of a Tale Creeps Closer

Ghost of a Tale is now even closer to closed beta. In a monthly update published yesterday, Seith detailed some of the advancement they’ve made as they get closer to closed beta, and thus pre-release, specifically the challenges they’ve had with tessellation:

As you probably know, Ghost of a Tale relies a lot on tessellation. Now tessellation is great because it creates micro details based on a texture while the base mesh (the original “flat” model) remains quite simple (and thus does not tax CPU or memory as much)…

One of the issues with tessellation though is that it’s not “stable” by definition. Meaning it constantly re-evaluates the subdivision level, usually depending on the camera’s distance to the mesh.

The result of which can lead to “swimming” textures artifacts; the details created by tessellation seem to constantly morph in an almost organic way. It’s quite distracting and can look frankly rather poor.

But not long ago I have found a way to fix this issue and now all the environment feels rock solid; no more wobbly textures!

Seith also touched on some of the additions in sound effects and score that have been added.

On a different topic I’ve just integrated the new sound effects provided by Nicolas (the foley artist helping on the game) and they sound awesome! It’s a delight hearing Tilo scamper from a ground surface made of earth to climbing steps made of stone to plodding on a wooden floor, etc…

Jeremiah has also been delivering soundtracks and they’re (as usual) terrific; they blend in super nicely when talking to characters and bring another level of immersion.

All of this can be rather wonderfully summed up by an absolutely fantastic 18 second shot of a tri-corned Tilo exploring a tunnel:

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