GDC 2019 Spotlight: Moonlighter DLC and Mobile Version

GDC 2019 Spotlight: Moonlighter DLC and Mobile Version

I’ve been a big fan of Moonlighter ever since I first got to try it on PlayStation 4, so much so that I interviewed one of the developers and even wrote about why it’s better to play it on Nintendo Switch.  At GDC 2019, I was lucky enough to get a chance to preview both the upcoming “Between Dimensions” DLC expansion as well as the new mobile version of the base game.

Between Dimensions takes place after the story of the main game and introduces a new and more challenging 10 floor Interdimensional Dungeon for players to explore filled with otherworldly enemies and minibosses. and with them will bring new materials to make brand new weapons, armor, rings, and more. A new class of weapons known as “Trick Weapons” will also be introduced. These weapons will have two modes, one to function normally like previously introduced weapons, and a special mode which makes them more powerful but at the same time drains some of the players health, adding extra challenge. In addition to the new dungeon, enemies, and items. there will also be new gadgets to reskin and upgrade at the shop, new visitors to the village of Rynoka, and even a new Trader who will always be open  rather than just at certain times.

Between Dimensions is recommended to those who seek a bigger challenge and is meant for more hardcore players. That’s not to say others can’t play it as well, but since it’s only accessible after finishing the main game, players will have to at least have done that first.

Besides the Between Dimensions DLC, I was also shown the mobile version of Moonlighter, which the developers say is more of an adaptation than a port, due it to feeling like a different experience. While most movement is done by dragging your finger across the touch screen and swiping to dodge, Will usually attacks automatically when encountering an enemy as a way to help streamline gameplay, but players who don’t like this can disable the feature and choose to tap the screen instead. While I wasn’t shown too much of this new version, the developers are currently rebalancing dungeons to fit mobile platforms better, so we’ll just have to wait and see how the full version turns out.

Both the Between Dimensions DLC and the mobile version of Moonlighter are due to come out  Summer 2019.


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