GameMaker Studio 2 Gets An Update

GameMaker Studio 2 Gets An Update

The 2.06 update for Game Maker Studios 2 has arrived, and it’s bringing two major requested additions.

GameMaker Studio 2 Update 2.06 adds a host of new image editing tools, including Trim, Reverse Frames, and Color Remove functions, and the Resource Tree’s UI has been reworked to take advantage of a number of suggestions to increase productivity. Additionally, GameMaker Studio 2 is now compatible with Visual Studio 2017.

“YoYo Games prides itself in its ability to engage with GameMaker Studio community feedback and make the adjustments they want the most…If taking strides to streamline our toolsets means developers can more easily create video games, then we’re all for it – the more games the merrier.”  – Mike Daily, Head of Engineering, YoYo Games

GameMaker Studio 2 can be purchased through YoYo Games’ directly, or on Steam for $99.99. Owners of GameMaker Studio can upgrade to GameMaker Studio 2 at a 40 percent discount until May 31, 2017.

There is also a free trial download available if you’re looking to try before you buy.

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