GameMaker Studio 2 Details, Beta Sign Up

GameMaker Studio 2 Details, Beta Sign Up

While it was teased last month, today YoYo Games finally revealed more substantive details about Game Maker Studio 2, the new version of their game development tool.

It’s here! We’re very proud to officially announce GameMaker Studio 2, the next evolution of our flagship game development tool. Studio 2 is not just a new version of GameMaker: Studio, it has been rewritten from the ground up to improve and expand upon the foundation laid by its predecessor. A whole new codebase, a whole new UI, a whole new GameMaker!

The public beta test of GameMaker Studio 2’s has already begun, and interested parties can sign up by following the instructions on this webpage. There are a limited number of slots available for this first round beta test,  though the number of available slot will increase over time.[UPDATE] First round Beta Signup Slots are all gone, so keep an eye on YoYoGame’s Social media if you’re interested in getting on board in the next round.

Additionally, four videos detailing some of the features of GameMaker Studio 2 have been released. These detail Room, Tileset and Image Editing, as well as the new ability to drag and drop certain elements.



No doubt many developers will be worried, or at the very least curious, about the potential costs of this new software. YoYo Games made a couple of key points clearer in today’s blog post:

Rather than purchasing modules, you will be able to purchase stand alone licenses for GameMaker Studio 2 on a per platform basis. For example, if you are only developing for web, you only ever need to purchase a web license.

At launch, a GameMaker Studio 2 desktop license (allowing export to Windows, Linux and Mac) will be available for a one time purchase of $99.99*

I’m sure many are breathing easier with the words “one time purchase” making an appearance, as opposed to a subscription model many software companies are adopting.

There’s even more information on discounts to those who already have the game, and the road ahead on Yo Yo Game’s blog post, so we encourage you to give it a look.

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