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GDC brought us even more information about Frozen Synapse 2, courtesy of IGN and a 19 Minute gameplay preview of the game in an early Alpha state.

A lot of the details displayed in this gameplay section were already covered in the PC Gamer Exclusive overview which we covered previously, however, it’s a whole different experience to see the game in action. The procedurally generated city is gorgeous; every building can be entered, has a function, and once you reach a certain point in the game you’ll be able to generate as many of these maps as you’d like. While it has evolved, the core tactical gameplay remains largely the same as Frozen Synapse. Factions are incredibly important. They’ll all be interacting in different way with the encroaching force that is threatening the city. They’ll offer you completely dynamic quests and hurdles to overcome, and give you access to the parts of the city they control.  AI has become more intricate, but there has been a focus on improving the UI and tutorials.

Enough summary, give the video a look!


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