Five of Our Favorite Games From The MIX at E3 2019

Five of Our Favorite Games From The MIX at E3 2019

At the Media Indie Exchange during E3 2019, we got the chance to see and play and handful of upcoming indie games and talk to the developers. Here are five of our favorite titles we saw there, as well as some honorable mentions.

Bloodroots is a fast paced brutal action game by Canadian developer Paper Cult where the world is your weapon. Playing as the vengeful Mr. Wolf, you’ll utilize weapons like hatchets, ladders, barrels, wheels, carrots and more to create speedy and ultraviolent combos to avoid quick death. In addition to its chaotic fast paced do or die gameplay, Bloodroots wil have worldwide leaderboards where players can compete with others as well as a deranged cast of characters.

Bloodroots is slated to release this Summer for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Batbarian is a peculiar “metroidvania-action-platformer-puzzler-adventure-RPG-lightsourcemanagement-hybrid” by developer Unspeakable Pixels where players take control of a male or female barbarian and their pet bat. As this barbarian, players must find their way through and out of the mysterious and vast cave they’ve fallen into. With plenty of hidden rooms and the option to have players mark important spots on their map when adventuring, Batbarian is sure to be an enjoyable experience for fans of the genre.

Batbarian is planned for an Early 2020 release for PC via Steam.

From Portland-based developer Rose City Games and publisher Viz media comes a visually distinct cat-filled roguelike title. When main character Ally Marie goes to visit he Grandmothers house, she makes a surprising discovery. An ancient evil has transformed all of the household items within into monsters, and cats have even started talking! Ally must then use the various abilities of her feline allies to defeat the evil spirits and return the house to the way it once was.

Cat Lady is currently in development.

Creature in the Well is a pinball inspired hack and slash dungeon crawler by Montreal based developer Flight School.  As the last remaining Bot-C Unit, players will explore an ancient facility buried within a desert mountain with the goal of restoring power to it as a way to save the city of Mirage from an impending sandstorm. While trying to accomplish this goal, a shadowy and mysterious creature will chase players throughout their journey. Featuring eight dungeons, over 20 obtainable items including weapons and clothing players can use to change up their gameplay style, and swift combat, Creature in the Well is something both pinball fans and hack and slash dungeon crawler fans can look forward to.

Creature in the Well is planned to release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Steam this Summer. It will also be available through Xbox Game Pass.

Lost Ember is a game by German developer Mooneye Studios where nature has reclaimed the planet players view the world through several different types of animals. Playing primarily as a wolf with a spirit from an ancient civilization serving as a guide, players will go on a journey to unravel the reasons behind the fall of the old world. With around five to six hours of gameplay, beautiful visuals, and a variety of creatures to possess, Lost Ember is sure to be a worthwhile yet brief experience for those who enjoy solving a mystery.

Lost Ember will launch on July 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. A Nintendo Switch released is planned for a later date.

Honorable Mentions:  Kunai, Rawmen, Sakuna of Rice and Ruin, Tunche, Wave Break


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