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The Molasses Flood recently revealed that their rogue lite survival-adventure game The Flame in the Flood will be releasing on February 24th. In addition to the announcement they also released a brand new launch trailer:


There’s a lot of new stuff landing on the 24th. The campaign will be playable for the first time. We’ve added an easier difficulty mode to the campaign for folks who are more interested in paddling around than hardcore surviving. We’ve done a ton of various improvements and bug fixes, and will share a full list at launch. Basically every aspect of the game has been fixed, tightened up, and improved in a variety of ways.

The news also brought with it updates on backer specific rewards, and a couple of neat previews:

Even though the game is releasing, there’s still more to come. Most notably, after needing to expend all our energy on finishing the core game, we’re moving on to backer specific rewards, including both physical and digital. We’ll be releasing these as updates for everyone who backed at higher tiers.





The Flame in the Flood is currently available on Steam Early Access.

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