Fallen Earth Adding Competitive PvE

Fallen Earth Adding Competitive PvE
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When it comes to being competitive in MMO’s the most common thought by developers is PvP. It’s understandable. The fine folk over at Fallen Earth want to expand beyond the realm of PvP and give the PvE players a means of competing with each other. To that end they’re developing The Dome.

We’ve been looking for more ways for PvE’ers to distinguish themselves and provide a competitive outlet to test their mettle outside of PvP. This led to the Dome – a two man PVE arena where players will be able to enter and trigger a series of battles that are played through consecutively in a (semi) controlled environment. The farther the teams get, the tougher the opponents, and the better the rewards.

The team has already begun development and will provide further details as they have them. For now these is a great idea as it helps give players other avenues to explore outside of killing each other. You can read the full “State of the Game” post here.

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