EXCLUSIVE: Knee Deep Coming to VR

EXCLUSIVE: Knee Deep Coming to VR

Knee Deep, the swamp-noir narrative game from Prologue Game that won our hearts earlier this year, will be coming to VR later this year.

Knee Deep will be releasing a VR version on the Oculus Rift and on Steam VR in November. Though an exact date has not yet been determined by Prologue Games, they are leaning toward earlier in the month, rather than later.

While my first reaction to putting a narrative choice based game in VR was a bit of trepidation, after only a moments thought, I realized just how powerful this could be in the special case of  Knee Deep. VR could very easily enhance the feeling that you’re in a theater watching a stage play, and work incredibly well with the set changes and perspective to enhance your entire experience of playing Knee Deep. It seems that this was exactly the reason Prologue Games have pursued this update:

“We were working on another VR project, starting from scratch. It occurred to us that we already had a great finished product in Knee Deep that might lend itself to VR. Colin Dwan started experimenting with the implementation and I was floored by it. You’ll feel like you’re in that crazy theater, not just outside looking in!” – Wes Platt, Writer/Designer at Prologue Games

Prologue Games has stated that they are interested in moving to other VR systems, and may go there in time, but that they are starting with Oculus Rift and Steam VR.

Additionally, for Steam VR, we were told that Prologue Games is leaning toward simply adding a patch to the current version of Knee Deep, so that if you already own the game and already have a VR headset, you will have the ability a to play Knee Deep in VR more or less automatically.

We’ll have more information about this move to VR, and Prologue Games’ other VR project, as it becomes available.

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