Evolution Heading to Nintendo Switch in 2020

Evolution Heading to Nintendo Switch in 2020

North Star Digital has announced that Evolution: The Video Game, the digital version of the Evolution Board Game, will be making its way to Nintendo Switch in early 2020. 

In Evolution, players selectively develop a species to compete with others for their share of food from the water hole. Players then must decide what traits would be best for their species, whether that be a more defensive trait like a hard shell or something more offensive such as becoming a carnivore to attack and feed off of other species. 

The Nintendo Switch version will feature new artwork and animation, pass and play multiplayer, and online cross-platform multiplayer. Players will be put together through a skill-based matchmaking system for fast-paced and balanced competition 

Recently, the developer added some new features to the PC and mobile versions of Evolution: The Video Game such as multiplayer tournaments and single player challenges. The most notable new feature added is asynchronous multiplayer, meaning that individuals playing against each other can play on their own schedule, similar to mobile games like Words With Friends.

We had the chance to try out the Nintendo Switch version of Evolution at PAX West 2019 and although playing a round against three AI took awhile and was intimidating at first, it was easy to understand the game more as the round continued and the actions of each opponent could be observed. You do have to discard some cards to contribute to putting food in the water hole though, so each turn you have to choose wisely and determine which traits would be best to have on hand so you can gain an advantage. Those who prefer to learn as they go rather than having to play through the tutorial have that option. If you enjoy digital card games, particularly those that can have more than two players, then Evolution is definitely one to consider.

 Evolution: The Video Game will launch on Nintendo Switch in early 2020, but is currently on PC and Mac via Steam for only $9.00 USD until September 20th. It’s also free-to-try on iOS and Android with the full version available for $6.00 USD as a one time purchase.

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