Euclidean Skies Announced

Euclidean Skies Announced

Announced yesterday, Euclidean Skies will launch on the 25th October for iOS as a follow-up to the highly acclaimed mind-bending puzzler Euclidean Lands. The game is being developed by former architecture student Miro Straka, with additional publishing help from Kunabi Brother.


You can very clearly see the architectural influences of Euclidean Skies, combining with a turn-based puzzle mechanic to create something that’s gorgeous to look at and strategic to boot. One of the major changes from the original game in this sequel is that puzzles can now be ‘unfolded’ and reshaped, offering layers of puzzles and challenges as you approach the solution.

Additionally, Euclidean Skies will have an AR Mode that creates a window through whcih players can see the structure of each level, floating in whatever environment they happen to be playing in.

Just two years ago I was a student working on small side projects and one of them turned into my first game Euclidean Lands. To my surprise it got over 5,000 positive reviews on the App Store and a lot of praise from critics, it was a dream come true. Since then I have been working full time on the follow-up and I can’t wait for people to discover all the new puzzles and toy around in the latest AR tech we used in the game – Miro Straka, developer of Euclidean Skies

As stated above, Euclidean Skies will launch for iOS on October 25th.
Pre-orders are available here, with a 40% discount on the launch price!

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