Escape Doodland Coming Nov. 30

Escape Doodland Coming Nov. 30

Polish game studio flukyMachine will be releasing their debut indie game Escape Doodland November 30th on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

flukyMachine, by Veronika Harkavenko and Piotr Karski, have created a platformer that looks like it was ripped right out of your old high school notebooks, filled with imaginative hand drawn scribbles and doodles


In Escape Doodland, players assume the role of a Doodland resident, who happens to have some stomach problems. Unfortunately, this joyful land full of happiness is attacked by a merciless monster. In this situation only escape or death is possible.

I love the aesthetic of Escape Doodland. It’s fun, it’s imaginative and it’s nostalgic all at the same time. It’s clear that a lot of heart and soul has been poured into the game by Veronika and Piotr:

We worked on the game for over 2 years. The original concept was slightly different – in the end, however, the idea evolved towards notebook doodles. We also focused on demanding gameplay that boils down to running, jumping, swimming or flying. All this in a slightly absurd and hilarious setting. – Piotr Karski.

Escape Doodland will be launched on Steam and Nintendo Switch November 30, 2018.

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