Epitaph Now On Steam Greenlight

Epitaph Now On Steam Greenlight

Yesterday, Epitaph launched on Steam Greenlight. The one part strategy, one part real time fighting game charmed us at this year’s Boston Festival of Indie Games, and we’re glad to see it creeping closer towards our Steam Library.



Epitaph is a tactical fighting game that combines the thoughtful strategy of games like Fire Emblem with the speed and excitement of games like Street Fighter. Each player commands a team of three Reapers, the many faces of death, to steal souls away from your enemies and conquer the afterlife. A unique real-time, cooldown-based combat system challenges players to form combos between their combatants, setting up brutal moves and countering the plans of their opponent. But be careful – every time a Reaper dies, they come back stronger, so moving closer to victory will also make your opposition even more formidable.

What impressed me most about Epitaph when I first had the chance to play it was how seamlessly the two contrasting mechanics fit together. All your actions, be they moves, abilities or attacks, are queued, and you have to make sure that there’s something in your queue, because when it’s empty, you’re done. Additionally, as if that wasn’t enough to keep track off, all these actions play out in real time. So, you have the strategy needed in planning out your moves and actions in a sequential order, while having to do this quickly. Not to mention, if you’re playing against someone, this is all going to be changing moment to moment.

It’s tense, it’s addicting, and it’s a combination I really have grown to love.

We had the opportunity to play Epitaph once again with an early demo build graciously provided by Wyatt Yeong. If you’d like to see some of the basics of Epitaph and how it works, as well as get a look at the various Reapers that can take to the battlefield, look no further! Let us know if you’d like to see more, as we’d be happy to show off the puzzles in Epitaph, or a few battles.



You can find more information abut Epitaph and the team behind it at the game’s website, as well as on the game’s Steam Greenlight Page. If you like what you see, consider voting for Epitaph!


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