Educational Edition of GameMaker Studio 2 Launched

Educational Edition of GameMaker Studio 2 Launched

GameMaker has been a staple for countless aspiring indie developers, offering a way to get into game design with a low barrier to entry, while still having the tools to create absolutely wonderful and engaging games.

Now, YoYo Games, GameMaker Studios Developers, are making it even easier for prospective game developers to start working with GameMaker Studio 2, introducing an educational package designed for students, available for free as a demo version, and the ability to upgrade to the full license in bulk pricing of $30 per account for a one-year license. This will be available to any approved university or school affiliate

Being a student of game design and development can be time consuming and expensive, sometimes prohibitively so, but we change all that with GameMaker Studio 2. We want to give educational institutions an easy and affordable way to engage students with their passion for game development – no complications or fine text – James Cox, general manager, YoYo Games

You can learn more about GameMaker Studio 2 on YoYoGames Website.

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