Dystoria Arrives Tomorrow

Dystoria Arrives Tomorrow

What if Tron was reborn as a fast paced, 3D twin stick shooter? Well, you’d probably have something pretty close to Dystoria.

Available on Steam tomorrow, Dystoria has been created by Tri-Coastal Games, a two man Canadian indie developer. Complete with a pulsing synth soundtrack, a fluorescent 80’s aesthetic, and faced paced combat, Dystoria has a lot of nostalgia laced promise.



Dystoria is a 360 degree Axis Shifting Space Shooter with core mechanics to fly at speed in any direction – on the surface geometry of each level, in a true 3D space.  The twist is your ship can only shoot ahead, no matter in what direction you’re facing or level you are stationed. Navigate the precise and correct route to apprehend and destroy the enemy and collect precious orbs is made even more challenging whilst understanding the geographic route, plus taking in and understanding many other intriguing game features.

As mentioned above, Dystoria will release on Steam on 21st February, priced at $14.99.


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