DUELYST WiP Battle Card Collection

DUELYST WiP Battle Card Collection

In an update sent out to backer today, DUELYST released a pretty cool reference picture: a breakdown of all current Units and Spells in the game. These are being called Cards, and it is a cool look at the current state of development. This is also the reveal of the Songhai Faction, so it is a bit of a Two-For:

Due to popular demand, here’s the latest snapshot of our current Battle Unit and Spell Collection (moving forward, we’ll call these entities Cards since it’s the most effective way to represent Battle Units, Spells, and Artifacts).

Besides changing the names/abilities/stats for some cards, we’re introducing the Songhai Faction below. If you see graphical duplicates below, it’s because the artwork hasn’t caught up to the card yet. Each card will be unique with their own stats, abilities, animations, FX, and audio.

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