Divergence says Mechapocalypse Now

Divergence says Mechapocalypse Now

Divergence Online has held a special place in my heart for its ambition: it’s love of the old Star Wars Galaxy Era MMO and the true spirit of MMORPGs is evident, and Ethan Casner’s dedication to the project and work ethic are both inspiring.

As Divergence has grown, ideas have surfaced from the community, and one in particular is headed closer to reality.

Divergence Online – Mechapocalypse Now is currently funding on IndieGoGo with the hope of bringing mechs and mechanized combat to the world of Divergence.



Due to several players on our Facebook postulating about the potential fun of mech-vs-mech combat utilizing our new vehicles system that we decided to go ahead and throw up a small IndieGoGo to see if there was enough public interest to warrant moving our game in that direction.

To incentive we decided to go ahead and run a “sale” in which we offer our existing perks at a largely discounted rate (as much as 50%) and also offer our current vehicles as perks to any and all feel like they’d like to chip in!

Divergence Online – Mechapocalypse Now is currently on IndieGoGo, and we encourage you to check out the funding page for more information.

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