Divergence Pre-Alpha Footage Presentation Released

Divergence Pre-Alpha Footage Presentation Released
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It’s been a while since we last heard significant news from Divergence, the Indie, One-Man Sci-Fi, Permadeth MMO being made by Ethan Casner. The two part presentation delves further into the history and lore of the universe, species, and player freedom in the pre-alpha version of the game. The video centers around showing off the core element of Divergence: Building. The idea of a block construction akin to Minecraft, that are affected by physics, in a sci-fi MMO, makes me positively giddy. 

Also, These blocks are completely destructable.

Part 2 of the presentation goes into even more depth about  player interaction, shows of some more player made buildings, and the indigenous Ennie. It is a pretty fun look at how Players might interact in this completely open world. We even see tree’s growing before our eyes! 

 If you want more information on Divergence, you can head to the main website, and if you’d like a peak at Ethan Casner’s motivations in making Divergence, check out my interview with him

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