Disc Creatures Arrives on PC October 17

Disc Creatures Arrives on PC October 17

Publisher Dangen Entertainment and developer Picorrine Soft have announced that their Game Boy Color inspired monster taming RPG, Disc Creatures, will be releasing on PC via Steam on October 17, 2019 for $14.99 USD and will feature both English and Japanese support.

In Disc Creatures, players become a licensed Disc Ranger and begin their journey by choosing one of three starter creatures to assist them. Disc Creatures takes place in a world where various strange creatures live side by side with humans, and players will venture across the world while capturing creatures and helping others along the way.

According to the developer, Disc Creatures will also feature: precise attention to detail and respect to elements that built up the entire monster taming RPG genre, 200 creatures to collect and command in battle, a huge cast of charming characters, unique skill trees for each creature with moves unlocked through growth or items, a heart-warming chiptune soundtrack, and 20 hours of gameplay.

Disc Creatures will launch on PC via Steam on October 17th for $14.99 USD.

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