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Glass Knuckle Games, creators of the hilariously fun Thief Town and the superb Noir Syndrome, both of which we’ve covered before, have been diligently working on their new Kickstarted Project Defragmented. The time is finally here though; Defragmented is launching this Friday.


For the unaware, Defragmented is a top down cyberpunk RPG that focuses on lightning fast twitch shooter combat (a lot like Hotline Miami), accompanied by a fantastic synth soundtrack (a lot like, though not the same as Hotline Miami). However, unlike Hotline Miami, Defragmented promises to add in that oft-missed RPG element, and a whole host of randomly rolled guns and loot. You’ll be constantly trying to find just the right gun or armor to use with the perfect stats, which is an element I love in games like this.

I’ve had a chance to play earlier version of the game and its fantastic. Intense, very fast paced, and punishing, but absolutely fantastic.




Defragmented will be available on Steam on February 12th.

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