DayZ Devs To Add Vehicles In Experimental Build

DayZ Devs To Add Vehicles In Experimental Build

At long last, the developers behind Bohemia Interactive’s hugely popular DayZ stand alone will add vehicles to their experimental branch build. In a post on the DayZ Steam store page, Eugen Harton prefaced the release with a few notes around where the feature is in terms of actual production. The focus for this early feature test is to gather data from any desync or interaction with network code.

We are going out with vehicles this soon into their implementation, only to be sure that performance impact is as expected and we can continue on this course. Currently the vehicles (as a feature) are very rough, however the underlying structure is there. Ranging from visual bugs, to physics issues. You can expect anything. We are aware of most of them.

As mentioned, the inclusion of vehicles in the game is balanced more towards testing than gameplay experience as players can expect them to be readily available throughout Chenarus. This is a way for the development team to gather data and test how servers handle the extra calculations needed to sustain that feature. Plus it also helps to have vehicles available to test, because we all know how much fun it is to destroy “rentals”.

For this experimental you don’t need to repair anything and you can find vehicles easily. This will not be the case later in their development. We increased the number of available vehicles by a great amount so you can have fun and break them.

No development update would be complete without a list of features currently available.

1. Animations

Wheels overturning is visual bug with animation source and simulation itself . Its annoying, however we do have to ignore it for this experimental. As for other animation bugs. We removed the move in/move out animation for the release and will fix the issues we were having with its implementation. The wheel and doors are animated however the visuals themselves might change.

2. Ragdoll/Collision/Physics

Most of it is tuning of all the knobs (weight,suspension,force, and a lot more etc.) and finding solutions for problems that are out of the normal range. The results can be go from minor to catastrophic, like, vehicle moving from shooting, player force moving a vehicle, not having right friction and sliding improperly,getting stuck and killing the codriver sometimes. But than again its just tuning (and that takes time). The system is there and its robust (bullet sdk). Some of it is rare, some of it is much more common. Just understand that it will be better in next few weeks

3. Damage system

The vehicle can be damaged , however its rather rudimentary and only a placeholder effect. With more advanced underlying tech introduced later.

4. Driving model

The driving model (sliding and general feel of driving) is again matter of tuning. The underlying system is there and it works well. But it needs more time and dedicated work for the feel to get right. That is a big part of our work on vehicles.

5. Clipping

Expect a lot of clipping issues with player gear and objects around in the game. It can range from minor to major issues.

6. Sounds

All sounds are placeholders before we set up a proper recording of v3s.

7. Persistence

Cars will be persistent in the future (once they are made of parts and repaired). This implementation however focuses more on data gathered from any desync or interaction with network code.

8. Crashes

Client crashes can happen, and will happen. Be aware that you can run the client with the option of -dologs to create crash dumps that can be attached to feedback issues. If you do encounter them please report and give us as much information as you can.

So yes, the time for vehicles in DayZ has come… sort of. Expect the usual rough edges as with any feature enhancement or experimental build release, and be sure to make note of issues through their feedback tracker when you can.

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