DayZ 2015 Development Roadmap, Price Increase

DayZ 2015 Development Roadmap, Price Increase

In a recent post to the DayZ Steam Store page, Developer Hicks made public the team’s plans moving forward after their first year of Early Access development. In addition to new features and revisions to the current engine and gameplay, Bohemia Interactive also looks to gradually increase the price point as they approach version 1.0. Hicks did mention that the currently price of $24.99 USD will remain in effect throughout the Fall Steam Sale, however after the event, entry into the world of Chenarus will cost $29.99. One can only assume the increases will come with each quarterly milestone towards an end goal of a final version to be released in early 2016 at $49.99 USD.

Here’s a list of upcoming features and updates throughout 2015:

Q1 2015

Basic vehicles
Central economy (advanced loot distribution)
New renderer
New Zombie AI
Basic stealth system (zombies, animals, …)

Q2 2015

Advanced vehicles (repair, modifications, …)
Advanced animals – life cycle, group behavior
Player statistics
New UI Stamina / fatigue
Dynamic events

Q3 2015

Character life span + soft skills
Animal predators + birds
Aerial transport
Console prototype

Q4 2015

BETA version
Animal companions (dog, horse)
Steam community integration (Achievements, Steamworks modding, etc)
Construction (building shelters / walls / …)


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