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It took me long enough, but I’ve finally had a chance to look at the Variant Class that was added into Darkest Dungeon with the Antiquarian Update; The Musketeer.

The Musketeer is a reskin available to those people who backed the Darkest Dungeon Kickstarter at the Adventurer Tier of $49.00. This appears as DLC for Darkest Dungeon,  though I believe this simply to be a means of distribution, not an indication of forthcoming availability. In an identical way to the Antiquarian, this was made available in the Public Beta Branch of Darkest Dungeon, and will be available in the full build once balance on the Antiquarian is stabilized (I’ve had no issues with this Beta Build as of yet, so I think this is an effective way to role out major updated). If you want to opt in to the Public Beta Branch of Darkest Dungeon, see our coverage of the Antiquarian release from earlier this week for step by step instructions.

Functionally, the Musketeer is no different than the Arbalest, and fills the role of a back line ranged damage dealer, with some very useful support abilities ( I never use an Arbalest/Musketeer without the Battlefield Bandage/Patch Up skill. It’s great to have a non-healer with a reliable heal you can turn to, and the buff to further Healing received can let you turn the tide after a nasty crit from an enemy). All of her combat skills have the exact same modifiers and effects, and have simply been given new, more musket focused names and animations. In addition, her camping skills are identical to the Arbalest, except that Restring Crossbow has been renamed to Clean Musket.

Still, It’s a cool re-imagining of the class, and I wanted to show off the new skills, lore and visuals of The Musketeer after one of then finally showed up in my current Darkest Dungeon Campaign

A Brand New Musketeer, Fresh Off The Stagecoach




Musketeer Lore via The Guild, The Blacksmith and The Survivalist



Combat Skill



Camping Skills




1). The Musketeer and The Arbalest are treated as two separate classes in the stagecoach.

2). The Musketeer and The Arbalest have separate loot tables and cannot share equipment. I.E. The Musketeer cannot use an item for The Arbalest and vice versa.

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  1. Luis Miguel cañas

    any chance for the non backer plebs to get the variant?

    • Profile photo of Jacob Wood

      Jacob Wood

      That is correct. They have separate trinkets for Arbalests and for Musketeers. Different art, same effects.