Darkest Dungeon Shows Off Combat Overview

Darkest Dungeon Shows Off Combat Overview

Darkest Dungeon has released a “Let’s Play” style look at the game’s combat system. In the first episode of Tyler Fights, Tyler Sigman, Executive Producer and Game Designer, walks us through the basics of Darkest Dungeon’s turn-based combat system. It is immediately clear that the order in which you place your adventurers is of the utmost importance!

It’s fantastic to see some gameplay in action of Darkest Dungeon. Though the game is in early alpha stages, it’s a very promising look at what might be coming down the line. I’m just eagerly awaiting the gameplay that shows off the Leper. I mean, who doesn’t want to fight eldritch horrors with a mad leper?

Darkest Dungeon is still in active Kickstarter, with two weeks left in its funding period. So far it has raised $226.693 of it’s original goal of $75,000, meeting 7 of its stretch goals.

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