CTFIG Mid Year Event Announced

CTFIG Mid Year Event Announced

The Connecticut Festival of Indie Games, which held it’s inaugural even this past April, recently announced that they will be hosting a mid year meet up event at the Newington Tabletop Shop on September 17th.

Indie Exhibitors can register for $25.00. More details on registration and eligibility can be found here.

Attendee’s can get an Early Bird Special for $5, which includes a $5.00 Store Credit.



We’re in the Board Game Renaissance: Tabletop gaming has enjoyed a massive resurgence in recent years – many people still believe that “spending time” means actually getting together in the same room as one another!

Family Friendly: The festival is designed to bring people of all ages together. Most featured games are playable with children ages 10 and up.

Cool New Games: Many of the games featured at the festival have yet to be launched, so you will be seeing and playing games with their designers, before the general public can get their hands on them!

Local Crafters: Support the “little guy” – this festival is dedicated to highlighting independent (“indie”) game designers, the moral equivalent of “mom and pop shops” for the gaming industry. Our featured designers are mostly from Connecticut and surrounding states.

Pure Fun: Board and card games are exciting and fun, by definition! What better way to support your community and spend time with your loved ones?!



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